Hey music fans, and lovers!

My baby, the last year and a half of my life, the thing my mind has been spinning it’s wheels thinking about non-stop, morning, day and night for the past…..feels like FOREVER lol Well, it’s FINALLY coming out MARCH 17th at every online retailer you can think of! and of course you can still purchase a copy of it through the website, and my official Jonny Porter store/ shop if you prefer a hard copy of the album, and I will have a select number of vinyl pressed for later on this year in the fall!
Here’s a few online retailers just to give you an example of where you can pick up single tracks or the album:
– Itunes

The album has 11 tracks, including an intro track “The Truth,” as well an outro track “Bitter End,” and an Interlude “Grief To Ash,” which actually sets up the title track “Grave Bird.” It’s a rock album that weaves between Folk, Dark Folk, Alternative Country, Experimental, and Roots Rock. Naturally some of the parts and licks have a great blue’s feel to them, which I think is just in the bone’s sometimes. Anyways, pick it up and share it with your friends, family and let me know what you think! I always respond to every message thrown my way. Lastly, I had some amazing musicians accompany me on some of these tracks, leading the way for Ross Hayes Citrullo and Renan Yildizdogan to capture some incredible sounds and tones! Couldn’t be prouder and happier, Peace and Love!


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